About us

About us

About us


The Municipality of Subotica established the Foundation of mental hygiene Exspecto in December, 2005. We started with official work on September 2006.


We are working with all citizens who need assistance - activities during working hours are free of charge and we are available to everyone - with complete discretion. The only thing that is important and useful is to make an appointment. Our primary target group are youngsters, and also parents, educators and all stakeholders of the social sphere. The reasons for establishing our Foundation Exspecto existed for decades. The young generation has been neglected in terms of mental health, although they are most vulnerable and most exposed to negative stimuli, and also more open to accept the novelties. In addition to the exhibition which has primary goal of prevention of drug abuse, we are active in the field of the prevention of peer aggression, individual and group therapy, consultation, psychotherapy, self-knowledge groups, psychological workshops, training, and organizing lectures, performances, panel discussions about mental health etc.. At the same time, we gladly accepted the role of coordinator of all previously realized and future planned programs for the prevention of drug addiction. So we want to avoid overlapping projects and to build cooperation instead of rivalisation. Our motto is honesty and humanity.


The primary profile of  Exspecto foundation is defined by exhibition Metamorphozis - drugs, which we bought from Budapest for ten years period  with the financial support of the Secretary of Health and Social Policy of Vojvodina. The exhibition was presented six years ago in Subotica, but our version is more modern and adapted to our terms and conditions.
Exhibition Metamorphozis - drugs - provides insight into the process of addiction appearance. It consists of 5 rooms. Small groups - up to 15 people - are guided by the consultants, psychologists, educators who have been educated on the subject of drug addiction. Visit to the exhibition lasts for two, two and a half hours. Unlike conventional exhibitions, here visitors are receiving informations and experiences (the official data, life stories, interviews, personal belongings, albums, etc..) through various senses in the multimedial environment. At the end of the tour visitors are interviewed about their experiences and views, followed by discussion. The primary target group are young people, residents of the House of pupils, primary and secondary schools - 8th grades in primary school and 2nd and 3th grade in high school. In cooperation with the schools we organized a visit for the 1074 groups  or more than 13 300 visitors until 2010.


It is important to reach level where people can come freely to  seek information or advice, to complain, talk about painful things, events and anything that threatens us in maintaining mental health. We are all exposed to the effects of stress, crisis, and even trauma - in that we are equal. Our team consists of psychologists, psychotherapists, counselors and educators who are willing to listen and to help you to find solutions for your problems.

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