About the foundation

About the foundation

Exspecto Mental Hygiene Foundation exists from 2006.

The primary profile of Exspecto is defined by the exhibition Metamorphosis - Drugs, which we bought from Budapest - for a period of ten years - with the financial support of the Secretary of Health and Social Policy of Vojvodina. In cooperation with schools, we managed to organize visits for more than 25 000 visitors till the end of 2015.

Apart from the exhibition Metamorphosis, we have three accredited programs which are designed for professional development of teachers, educators and professionals. To see more about our programs, please go to Programs section.

So far we have done several researches in which we dealt with various aspects of youth behavior. More about the research results you can read in Research section.

In the realization of Foundation's programs  are included professionals of different profiles: psychologists, social workers, etc.. More about our partners you can read in the Coworkers section.

If you wish to contact us, please pre-arrange a meeting by telephone. More information on how you can reach us you can find in the Contact section.

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